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Expert Remote Support

It is a solution based on smart-lenses, smartphones and tablets that allows information sharing between field technicians and support departments

  • Provides effective remote support for users with complex tasks
  • Provides real-time information from the remote scene
  • Reduces machine downtime
  • Improves efficiency during commissioning of industrial machinery and facilities
  • Reduces travel and increases the value of your after-sales service
  • Communication with experts, sharing in real time video/audio for the resolution of doubts and incidents. The APP can be installed in any Wearable (glasses, clock, tablet, smartphone)
Soporte remoto experto

Services we provide in expert remote support:

1 Augmented Reality Intelligent Pointer
Augmented reality pointer, for clear indications of intervention points to remote operators

2 Chat for each streaming room and messaging to

Web console with real-time chat for each room, and messages to smartglasses for noisy environments

3 Session history
Inventory and detail of all the streaming sessions carried out. Audits and possibility of ticketing

4 Shared Desktop
Selection of supporting documents and images from the web console to be displayed on the smart glasses, coming from the expert’s desktop

5 Invitations to external users
Sending invitations to the streaming room for remote support from experts of other companies (e.g. providers)

6 Shared whiteboard
Reception of diagrams, images and screen with detailed indications in the employees’ glasses connected by shared desktop (graphics, markers, text, etc.)

7 Real-time translation
Chat writing in native language and real-time translation of chat texts up to 50 languages

8 Image editing
Capture and edition of the operator’s images with detailed indications on the connected employees’ glasses (graphics, markers, text, etc.)

9 Picture-in-Picture
Configuration of the content to be displayed on the smart glasses (expert signal only, glasses signal only, PiP)


Advantages of purchasing the expert remote support service:

Efficiency in the initial start up

Saves time in the commissioning of machinery and industrial plants

Machine downtime

Reduce machine downtime with the use of remote video assistance tools

Premium After-Sales Support

Increase the value of after-sales service with more efficient support

Strategy of differentiation

Improve your sales and leave your competitors behind

Customer Loyalty

Customer and User Connectivity

Fewer trips

Reduce the number of times technical experts have to travel
abroad to solve problems for their customers

Access restrictions

Access problems in certain areas of industrial plants are successfully solved

Compliance with maintenance and inspection procedures

Step-by-step guidance on critical tasks, generating automatic reports.
Improves productivity, quality and safety.

Video streaming training and immersion training tutorials

Train your employees from the instructor's field of vision
The instructor with smart glasses and the trainees on remote PCs

Eficiencia en la puesta en marcha inicial

Se ahorra tiempo en la puesta en marcha de maquinaria e instalaciones industriales

Tiempo de inactividad de la máquina

Reduzca el tiempo de inactividad de la máquina con
el uso de herramientas de asistencia remota de transmisión de video

Soporte post-venta Premium

Aumente el valor del servicio postventa con un servicio de asistencia técnica más eficaz

Estrategia de diferenciación

Mejora tus ventas y diferenciarte de tus competidores

La lealtad del cliente

Conectividad con tus clientes y usuarios

Menos viajes

Reduzca el número de veces que los expertos técnicos tienen que viajar al extranjero
para resolver problemas para sus clientes

Restricciones de acceso

Los problemas de acceso en ciertas áreas de plantas industriales se resuelven con éxito

Cumplimiento de los procedimientos de mantenimiento e inspección

Guía de tareas críticas paso a paso, generando informes automáticos
Mejora la productividad, calidad y seguridad

Capacitación en streaming de video y tutoriales de entrenamiento inmersivo

Entrene a sus empleados desde el campo de visión del instructor
El instructor con gafas inteligentes y aprendices en PC remotas

soporte remoto externo