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Predictive Maintenance

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    Predictive Maintenance


    We are a company whose DNA is continuous evolution and innovation, following these principles, and with a clear vocation for Service, we have become the leaders of the Industrial Maintenance Market by applying Artificial Intelligence to our model. In this way, we have created a Predictive Maintenance model for the industry, which needs:

    • Ensuring the continuity of its activity, that there is no discontinuity or defect: ensuring the “moment of manufacture”
    • Predicting possible anomalies and correcting them
    • Monitoring the entire system (hardware and software) via AI, automating the control of the traceability of the production line required in quality processes

    For example, we have made it possible to guarantee the full operation and the minimum price in the maintenance of GENERATING GROUPS, capturing all the current parameters of the GENERATOR, and new parameters through the incorporation of sensors such as the true state of the discharge capacity of the battery.



    We are going to manage the machine remotely, to obtain all its parameters and add an IoT kit, consisting of:

    • Non-intrusive miniaturized sensors
    • Wireless transmission equipment

    From our control centre, we guarantee you:

    • Remote monthly reviews, with staff assistance by an expert, through the remote support tool, streaming with augmented reality (included)
    • In addition we will capture the empirical data of the state of all the parts of the machine, (visual data, etc.), that it will incorporate for later Predictive Analysis (Big Data)
    • Constant vigilance by expert system personnel 24/7
    • The self-monitoring of all parts of the SYSTEM (hardware, software and information):
      • Ensuring the continuity of the whole production process, to avoid discontinuity or defect: ensuring the “moment of manufacture”
      • Helping to build the traceability reports of the production line that demand quality processes
    • The prediction of possible anomalies through Artificial Intelligence devices through Machine Learning with automation of report production
    • All parameters recommended by the generator manufacturer are inspected
    • The required on-site inspections (based on what the Machine Learning tool includes) for changing consumables (included)