Genesal Generator Group

Genesal Generator Group

Our experience and knowledge of the Preventive Maintenance sector in leading brands has enabled us to move towards new ways of optimizing processes, which has currently resulted in our leadership in Smart Predictive Maintenance.

History of the Genesal generator group:  

The Genesal generator group is a manufacturer of generator sets, based in Galicia. It has been operating in the distributed energy sector for more than 25 years and exports all its products to more than 30 countries in 5 continents.

Genesal supplies energy to industry and individuals. Its main objective is to offer efficient solutions for any type of energy problem, by adapting each of its products to the situation.

This business group designs diesel generator sets, gas generator sets, special generator sets, marine power generators, hybrid generator sets and lighting towers.

All these products are designed for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Nuclear power plants
  • Distribution and supply
  • Medium voltage
  • Bifrequency
  • Low temperatures
  • Military
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Cogeneration

Advantage of the Genesal generator group:

The whole Genesal generator group team of engineers is specialized in designing innovative and efficient high quality solutions, through special generator sets, which provide customized energy for each of their projects.

Thanks to its 20 years’ experience, Genesal is able to adapt to any situation. In addition, it invests in CETED for the development of advanced and customized solutions. To achieve this, the company carries out feasibility analysis, prepares a detailed plan, executes it and performs on-site commissioning with expert engineers.

Some of its main hallmarks are innovation and vision for the future. For this reason, Genesal designs generator sets with unique and adapted characteristics.

And not only this, the Genesal generator set uses different 3D applications to obtain maximum precision when designing and manufacturing the generator. Accordingly, failures are minimized and productivity time is improved.

Its certifications include UNE 166002, R & D & I Management Systems. It was also the first Spanish company to obtain this certification.