Gesan Generator Group

Gesan Generator Group

Our experience and knowledge of the Preventive Maintenance sector in leading brands has enabled us to move towards new ways of optimizing processes, which has currently resulted in our leadership in Smart Predictive Maintenance.

History of the Gesan generator group:  

The Gesan generator group is a company dedicated to the manufacture of diesel and petrol generators, with headquarters in Zaragoza. The headquarters have manufacturing and assembly facilities.

Since 2011, Gesan has been part of the Atlas Copco Group, the world leader in industrial productivity solutions. In this way, the Atlas Copco group has expanded the range of generators, achieving a more competitive product portfolio.

If you are looking for a transportable generator or if you are looking for a stationary power supply, Gesan together with Atlas Copco, work to find the solution to your needs. Their generators have from 1.6 to 2.250 kVA. Although if more power is needed, this is also possible.

Gesan has a wide range of products such as transportable diesel generators, containerized diesel generators, industrial generators and transportable generators.

All Gesan generator products are oriented towards a wide range of applications, such as construction sites, events and power plants, among others.

Advantage of the Gesan generator group:

The Gesan generator group’s industrial generators are designed to guarantee the maximum performance, as backup equipment for the power grid. So, these are put into operation when the power grid fails.

All its products offer peace of mind in highly significant energy applications. Likewise, it is a company committed to innovation. Therefore, all its generators have been tested and designed to offer the most lasting performance possible. Not only that, they also provide an exclusive service, in order to guarantee greater peace of mind.