John Deere Generator Group

John Deere Generator Group

Our experience and knowledge of the Preventive Maintenance sector in leading brands has enabled us to move towards new ways of optimizing processes, which has currently resulted in our leadership in Smart Predictive Maintenance.

History of the John Deere generator group:  

The John Deere generator group is a leader in transmissions and engines for off-road vehicles.

The power range of John Deere industrial engines ranges from 48 to 600 hp. It supplies motors of different power, because each sector demands a specific capacity.

The generator transmission motors have a power range of 42 – 754 kW.

And if you own a pleasure boat or commercial boat and are interested in a an auxiliary or propulsion transmission engine generator, the power will be different. If it is propulsion, its power will be 75 to 750 hp. And if it is from generation, from 36 to 375 kWe.

In summary, the owners of these types of boats have trusted in the John Deere generator for more than 30 years. Why? Because John Deere marine engines are reliable, powerful, silent and fuel-efficient.

Advantages of the John Deere generator group

The main values of the John Deere generator group are quality, commitment, innovation and integrity. And they work every day, so that each of these values is present in their products and services.

In addition, all John Deere engines offer proven long-term performance, meet emissions targets, have low operating costs and have more than 4,000 service locations worldwide. In this way, they ensure their continuous activity.

In short, all its products are efficient, reliable and durable. In addition, they provide a fast response, reliable performance and quiet power when the engine is idling or when the main applications are being used.