Sdmo Generator Group

Sdmo Generator Group

Our experience and knowledge of the Preventive Maintenance sector in leading brands has enabled us to move towards new ways of optimizing processes, which has currently resulted in our leadership in Smart Predictive Maintenance.

History of the Sdmo generator group:  

Since 1966, Sdmo has been manufacturing and installing industrial generators, portable generator sets and generators for rental. Also, since 2005, it has been a member of the American group Kohler.

Where are Sdmo products distributed? They are distributed in more than 130 countries through a network of local partners, continuously accompanied and trained in each product or tool that they release to the market.

In this way, they try to satisfy a greater number of clients or companies that have, or are interested, in their products.

Advantage of the Sdmo generator group

With more than 50 years in the generators market, they are able to design the best solutions and adapt to any unforeseen situation.

Likewise, their main objective is customer satisfaction. This is why the Sdmo generator group strives to achieve a high level of service. How? Mainly by listening in detail to their customers, evaluating their limitations, performing custom installations or providing a risks forecast.

Along with these two characteristics, other values are added that make the Sdmo generator group a brand that is recognized worldwide. These values include:

  • Its passion for hard work and designing the best solutions in the generators market.
  • Being up to date and having the best tools.
  • Commitment to meeting all the needs and demands of its customers. As a result, they have obtained ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications. These certifications are renewed year after year.
  • Due to the needs of each geographical area, the Sdmo generator group guarantees the availability of its products in more than 130 countries.

And last but not least, Sdmo always operates with respect for its corporate social responsibility policy. Furthermore, it is fighting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.