Mantenimiento preventivo Suigeneris

Wearables Devices

Wereables Devices Suigeneris
Wereables Devices Suigeneris
Wereables Devices Suigeneris
Wereables Devices Suigeneris

Our smart preventive maintenance solutions. (through any wearables devices) Smart-glasses, Smart-phones, tablets, smart-watch.

Solutions for each activity.

We have the best and most modern means and tools for preventive maintenance.

  • Expert remote support Online support app for resolution of incidents and faults.  Detailed guidance using augmented reality, file sharing, image editing, multi-conferencing and much more…
  • Comprehensive WO management, procedures and work protocols, step by step, access to documentation, connectivity with CAMM, ERP, etc…
    • Access to information and documentation with augmented reality, through markers on instances, objects, machinery etc.
    • Access to information by Geopositioning.
  • Real-time machinery and process data connection (remote Scada function) directly from PLC, Scada, hmi, for viewing in wearable anywhere. Avoidance of unnecessary journeys for operators to carry out adjustments.
  • Virtual tour, application for viewing surroundings and processes with documentation referencing objects. The operator only needs to view the object for which s/he needs the information and to press the icons for direct access to databases.  Virtual tour of the factory.
  • Tracking (of people and assets) Passive IoT device, for tracking operators and assets (equipment, pallets, mobile machinery etc.) Indoor and outdoor GEOPOSITIONING  Ability to incorporate multiple sensors for alerts and status information


Very low cost  of communications

Minimum dimensions for installation on shirts, high visibility vests, small equipment, etc…, long battery life (up to one year), configurable alert button, accelerometer, temperature and moisture, low battery signal…

Wearables devices

Work Safety

Our solutions at wearables devices improve your work safety:

  • Use of IoT tracking device for alerts in situations of danger, automatic alert to operator through a bleep or warning light.  Self-reporting to the system, alerts to supervisors, by sms, email
  • PPE and protocol information via geopositioning through brand recognition,
  • Identification of PPE and equipment through RFID tags, automatic detection of correct and incorrect equipment, authorised roles, remote blocking of access to critical facilities.
  • Advantages: Maximum efficiency, resource management, real-time solutions, maximum cost reductions, avoidance of travel, constant information to the operator and real-time feedback.