Preventive maintenance Suigeneris


Technology that makes it possible to carry out an Intelligent Maintenance by connecting the operators with the different parts of the industrial process (machines, operations and management), obtaining support and information in real time as well as offering additional information from the operator (monitoring, work safety, positioning…).

They are divided into:

1 Passive devices: they do not require operator intervention For example, our geolocation device with alert notifications, etc.

2 Active devices: smartphones, smartglasses, smartwatch, smartvests, tablets…


  • Expert remote support: streaming tool with augmented reality (AR)
  • Comprehensive management of work orders, procedures and intervention protocols.
  • Real-time machine and process connection (remote scada)
  • Monitoring: traceability of people and assets (geopositioning)
  • Virtual Tour: 3D and augmented reality solutions


  • Resource optimisation
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Accurate and up-to-date information at all times, anywhere
  • It increases staff safety at work
  • It avoids unnecessary travel for operators


Wearables Suigeneris


Wearables Suigeneris

Through the different wearables, we can improve work safety:

  • Tracking devices will warn you about any dangerous situation. The operator will be warned by acoustic or light signals. A self-report can be made to the system and inform the supervisors of the given situation
  • Information and protocols of the PPEs through mark recognition geopositioning
  • Identification of PPEs and equipment by RFID tags. Detection of equipment‚Äôs condition, authorised roles, access blockage, etc
  • Maximum efficiency in resource management and countless processes
  • Streaming solutions
  • Cost reduction
  • Avoids unnecessary travel
  • Feedback 24 hours with the operator